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Facebook’s Massive Political Bias

Why does Facebook strive so hard to achieve a diverse staff then turn around and only hire Liberals? How can a company represent all Americans when its staff is full of Leftist twits and radicals to the exclusion of conservatives or even moderate voters? Some Facebook whistleblowers are now alerting the world to the company’s massive internal political bias. About time. Every sane person already knows that Silicon Valley has a systemic bias towards authoritarianism and meddling. This has to change or else the companies need to be busted up. Styxhexenhammer666 has the story.

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Mark Dice also touches on Facebook, its political monoculture and how its Leftist bent has led to so much censorship and discrimination against conservatives, Christians and others who is not in sync with the Radical mob. Maybe Zuckerberg should actually hire some real Patriots instead of only Leftist skanks. If they can’t clean up the company, and make it more fair, then bust it up as a backward monopoly!

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