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Don Lemon: You’re Dreaming

CNN’s Don Lemon is imagining things. And, of course, he’s joined by Shep Smith at Fox, dogwhistling and pushing their Leftist political agenda by agitating on behalf of the socialist scum running as Democratic candidate for governor of Florida — Andrew Gillum. We hate to upbraid these Leftist shills but President Donald Trump regularly is called a monkey, an ape, an orangutan, and we never heard the degenerate creep Shep Smith object one time. Mark Dice has more.

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In the meantime, just look at how far left Andrew Gillum is, or David Garcia, the Democratic candidate for governor of Arizona. These are not Democrats: They are flat-out, ratbag Socialist bastards. Every one of them should get their collars rung up in November. If the Democrats can’t reform their party, let them go down in defeat in every state and every city. Tucker Carlson has the full story.

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