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Expect More Fake News

QAnon says to gird up for a wave of fake attacks perpetrated by the CIA-controlled news media. And is there any bigger CIA front than the Washington Post? Frankly, the Washington Post, the New York Times, NBC, any number of big media outlets need to demonstrate they are capable of honest, independent journalism. The more they just mouth Deep State baloney, the easier it becomes to turn them off and discredit these questionable news sources.

Meanwhile, how can the FBI claim that Hillary Clinton’s server never was hacked by the Chinese? Simple. She opened the server up to them: She was selling secrets in a pay-to-play scheme. In other words, she’s a certified crook, who should be jailed at Guantanamo, not currently walking free.

Destroying the Illusion covers these stories, among many others, in this video.

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And, for those who like the full picture, here is Destroying the Illusion’s video of Aug. 29 that has much more on the Chinese acquiring US state secrets from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, including secrets pertaining to the identities of CIA agents in mainland China, many of them subsequently murdered. Hillary not only deserved to lose the election in 2016, she ought to be in a prison cell now. There’s no way to sugar coat how evil and decrepit and sinister she proved to be.

Here, Destroying the Illusion also delves into the double-crossing Obama’s cash deal to fund Iran and raises the specter that Obama was always a Middle Eastern plant, whose aim was to weaken and dismantle America. John Kerry played a central role in that debacle as well, and now is continuing to muddy the waters to try to hide the scope of his crimes.

Here, also, are some of the latest revelations about the Vatican — a cesspool that has less to do with religion than with covering up for a bunch of child molesters. This Pope needs to resign. What a disgraceful leader of the church! The irresponsible priests who committed crimes against children should all be excommunicated. They will burn in Hell.

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