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Violent Democrat Confronted

As he arrived for a campaign event in Minnesota on Saturday, Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) was confronted by investigative journalist Laura Loomer about the numerous domestic violence allegations that have been brought against him by two different women. Loomer questioned Ellison about a 2005 police report filed by Amy Alexander, a Democrat activist who he had a relationship with. With the police report in hand, Loomer asked Ellison to explain why the police report says there was a domestic violence call to Alexander’s house, despite the fact that Ellison has denied the allegations.

Ellison is currently running for attorney general of the state of Minnesota. Why have the Democrats put forth such a candidate, who repeatedly abuses women?

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Diamond & Silk, appearing on Fox News, size up the stridently Leftist candidates running as Democrats in 2018. “It’s imperative you vote right so you don’t get left,” says Silk. The two social media stars sound off after a lowly Democratic congressional candidate compares President Trump to Usama bin Laden. Making that comparison: Congressional candidate Sean Casten, D-Ill. More proof Democrats hate America!

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And speaking of deranged Demon-Rats, here we have Chuck Schumer, D-NY, the minority leader in the Senate, saying he hopes to lead a move to impeach President Donald Trump as soon as possible. Schumer is speaking while participating in a parade on Monday, Sep. 3.

He’s not going to get too far in that impeachment move if Americans vote down the Demon-Rats this fall. In the immortal words of Rob Schneider, “You can do it.” Send every one of these dirty, scuzzy, child-molesting slugs straight down the toilet!

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