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Politico Defends Internet Censors

Politico claims the idea of Silicon Valley censorship is a “conspiracy theory.” Talk about a bunch of lying douchebags! Next, Facebook, Google and Twitter will be banning millions, and Politico will be telling us nothing’s happening, and Silicon Valley is one big cesspool of freedom.

Here, Styxhexenhammer666 weighs in on this duplicitous outfit and says, “It’s totally normal for people to be depersoned across 90% of the active Internet.” Yes, Politico, just how stupid do you think we all are!

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Meanwhile, after Politico asserted there has not been any censorship, Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch found himself the next candidate after Alex Jones to get removed off social platforms. Make no mistakes about it: A brazen censorship campaign is under way and those who state otherwise are just baldfaced liars. In his new video, Spencer discusses being denied service by Patreon, MasterCard, and GoFundMe, and the overwhelming influence of the Southern Poverty Law Center, despite the obvious spuriousness and dishonesty of its “hate group” list.

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