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Watch Out for Your Nominees

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-SC, predicted Brett Kavanaugh will win nomination as a Justice to the US Supreme Court. Graham also issued a stern warning to Democrats, saying “If this is the new norm, you better watch out for your nominees.” He was reacting to the way the Democrats waited until after the Judiciary Committee hearings before bringing out a parade of flimsy witnesses. Every one of these witnesses made very old and very flimsy charges involving alleged sexual abuse against the nominee.

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Earlier, Graham was attempting to talk with some members of the press when he got swarmed by ugly, angry Democratic women — are there any other kinds — who wanted to berate him for challenging their “witnesses.” Ladies, any thinking man would challenge those kinds of lying witnesses. Bring up folks talking about real charges, in real ways, and maybe someone will listen. But if you persist in staging 11th-hour theatrics, as you did for Brett Kavanaugh, no one is going to listen or care. You are political agitators, pure and simple.

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In the hearing room itself, Graham delivered a powerful speech in support of Kavanaugh, berating the Democrats for their self-serving and embarrassing attempt to smear the Supreme Court nominee. We have badmouthed Graham before on this website, but he did us proud on Thursday, with a speech that will long be remembered in the history books.

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