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The Incredible Shrinking Hillary

Hillary Clinton is fading fast. Her approval ratings are down in the mid 30s. She is no longer being invited to campaign with Democratic candidates: none want to appear with her. Her advice is no longer sought. Where will it all lead? Dick Morris shares his thoughts.

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Meanwhile, Juanita Broaddrick is seeking a federal investigation into her charges that Bill Clinton raped her in Arkansas. The call reads, “This petition is important because Bill Clinton continues to receive federal benefits. No criminal investigation has ever been conducted into Bill Clinton’s sex crimes. We believe this warrants a federal investigation because the crimes may have occurred across state lines. We demand an investigation into the rape of Juanita Broaddrick. Additionally, these may constitute civil rights violations because women specifically were targeted.” Jamie Dlux reports.

To sign the petition, go to:

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Meanwhile, Bill Still reports that the noose is tightening around Hillary Clinton. He says, “Everything we posited for the last 18 months about the anti-Trump coup is now coming to light. Top FBI lawyer, James Baker, has flipped on his former conspirators at the FBI and Justice Dept. and revealed to Congressional investigators that the original source of the outrageous Trump/Russia collusion allegations came directly from the Clinton campaign in collusion with Russian sources.

This clashes with sworn testimony from several other FBI officials and may lead to additional indictments, and possibly a domino effect as the rats turn on each other.”

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