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Facebook Purges 500+ Pages

Facebook has purged over 500 pages, including some Leftist ones. Mark Zuckerberg continues to try and see how many people he can abuse before his platform destabilizes, while attempting to insinuate that Facebook is able to determine what constitutes “legitimate” debate. Styxhexenhammer666 has the story.

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Carey Weidler, editor-in-chief at The Anti-Media, was among those whose pages were purged by Facebook. She says, “My page of over two million followers (Anti-Media) was unpublished from Facebook today, and I was also suspended from Twitter for no specific reason. The WaPo hit piece in question:… Note: I’m now unable to find the list Prop or Not compiled, but suffice to say Anti-Media was on it, and so were multiple others purged today.”

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