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Notice Anything Different?

The mainstream media, especially MSNBC and CNN, just keep piling on the lies to persuade us there is absolutely no reason we should allow the Central American caravan to come into the United States. Why don’t we just allow 5,000 or 7,000 felons into the country without paperwork or going through legitimate immigration processes? Maybe more than a few of them will harm us! Mark Dice has the details.

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Styxhexenhammer666 says the migrant caravan is behaving as he predicted, using women and children as human shields for its primarily criminal adult men.

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Here, Bill O’Reilly addresses the inaccurate portrayal of the border situation by the mainstream media. He says the media has focused on the large mass of migrants that have reached the border. While this is an important story to report to the American people, the way the media has portrayed those seeking asylum has created a false narrative. You see, the intent is to break the asylum system.

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Lisa Haven is more blunt. She says lies are everywhere! As the migrants slam the border, the media is dishing out fake pictures and fake narratives. Here’s her bombshell report.

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