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Mitt: Worthless Weasel

Mitt Romney didn’t waste any time in proving what a cad he is. The Utah senator, ostensibly a Republican, launched his new Senate term with an op-ed piece attacking President Donald Trump for alleged character flaws. We’d suggest the churlish Romney is the one who needs to clean up his act. He’s sounding an awful lot like another backstabber, Jeff Flake. He was a constant thorn in the side of our president, but now, fortunately, is out of the Senate, hopefully, never to return.

But now we have Jeff Flake 2.0 — another immoral, flakey Mormon.

What the hell is wrong with them? Both have proven themselves to be intemperate punks. Given just how uncivil and treacherous they have behaved, you have to wonder if they are involved in something more unsavory, furtive and disgusting, something they are afraid that Trump will expose. In the case of Jeff Flake, there have been persistent stories suggesting he’s a pedophile. Now, we’re going to keep a much closer eye on Romney, to see whether the same ugly affliction applies to him.

Whether he’s a pedophile or not, he might as well register as a Democrat because he’s most certainly a jackass.

You have to wonder what he was thinking when his niece, Ronna McDaniel, serves as head of the Republican National Committee. Not cool to put her in a difficult spot with the Republican president. To her credit, she penned a Tweet disapproving of the traitorous action by the junior senator. She wrote, “POTUS is attacked and obstructed by the MSM media and Democrats 24/7. For an incoming Republican freshman senator to attack @realdonaldtrump as their first act feeds into what the Democrats and media want and is disappointing and unproductive.”

We concur. But Mitt hasn’t done her any favors just as he badmouths our President. We voted for Romney for President a few years back, but now, he couldn’t get our vote if he was running for dog catcher. What a dishonorable bum.

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