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Will Trump Stand Firm?

How will the President handle the federal shutdown? Will he stand firm or buckle to the Democrats? Dick Morris offers his thoughts.

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In a second video, Dick explains how the Democrats’ stance against the Wall is nothing but hypocrisy. They supported and built the existing 250 miles of wall around San Diego. Now they are opposing its extinction in large part because it’s President Donald Trump who wants its built and they don’t want to be seen working cooperatively with him on anything.

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Meanwhile, work is continuing to expand the existing Border Wall. Here is a report from Santa Teresa, NM, where more than 15 miles of new wall is going up in an area that used to be a common spot for border crossings. A rancher from the area says he favors the wall. He’s experiencing much less disruption than in years past. The new wall is about 20 feet tall and will be supplemented by motion detection equipment.

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