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Restore Trump’s Room to Move

President Trump needs room to move, or maneuverability, to maintain his power moving forward. Dick Morris explains and outlines what would be the ideal Trump compromise to end the shutdown and get a higher percentage of the wall built over the next year.

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Nancy Pelosi says she won’t allow Donald Trump to give this year’s state of the union address on the House floor this year so long as the government’s shut down. Brittany Hughes of MRCTV offers some suggestions on what Trump should do about it.

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Why are the Democrats terrified of President Donald Trump’s State of the Union? Andrew Klavan examines the battle between President Donald Trump and Speaker Nancy Pelosi over border security. Trump is supposed to deliver the SOTU on Jan. 29 in the House. But, with the Shutdown progressing, Pelosi is arguing the President should delay his speech or else deliver it to Congress in writing. It remains to be seen if the shutdown will still be occurring on Jan. 29 and how President Trump handles this situation.

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