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The Trap Has Been Set

Obama told the Russians that he would have flexibility. Why didn’t the media report this as collusion? [DS] is panicking, Adam Schiff tweets out about fake videos. Jim Jordan tweets out that there are leaker investigations going on now. Trump wants to know why Pelosi is getting paid during a shutdown. Judge rules in favor of Trump. No pay for government employees during shutdown. Dems booed when Trump was talking about those who were attacked by illegals. Syria wants all foreign troops out before discussing a political deal. Q has been hinting about the number [30], exactly [30]. Could this refer to the government shutdown, which would lead to the draining of the swamp on a huge scale. More from the X22 Report.

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The [DS] is pushing their agenda and using all their ammunition. When the time is right: Boom. Trump took the hammer to Pelosi and has exposed what they were up to. The caravan is moving towards the border. The code by Maggie is now revealed. It seems that [RBG] will most likely retire this month or very soon, which means Trump will have the power to nominate the next SCOTUS. Pelosi gave a warning to Trump about security concerns of the State of The Union. According to the constitution, she does not have the authority to cancel the SOTU. The [DS] are backed against the wall like wild animals. Next move might be an event. More from the X22 Report.

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