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This User No Longer Exists

Vincent James of The Red Elephants discusses the Anti-Defamation League’s campaign pushing complete censorship of the Internet by removing all channels from YouTube that don’t approve of the ADL’s Leftist malarkey. The Red Elephants is among the many channels these Fascists have targeted.

Here is a quick followup covering the banning of two major British YouTube channels, including The Iconoclast with more than 200,000 subscribers.

Mark Dice delves into the banning of conservatives by Facebook and other social media outlets. Needless to say, Facebook is never clear about what exactly the conservatives are doing to warrant getting banned. The fact is: Facebook doesn’t need excuses. They just ban anyone who doesn’t toe the same line as they do exactly the same way. It’s really time all these outlets were broken into pieces and given new, more reasonable competition.

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