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Ciaramella Gets Called Out

Donald Trump Jr. has called out the whistleblower behind the impeachment drive against President Donald Trump. This CIA stooge: Eric Ciaramella. Already, his attorney has been threatening US Senator Rand Paul, R-Kentucky, for identifying him. What a buffoon! You orchestrate a covert campaign to sabotage the American president and you think you can get away with it in private? And besides, when whistleblowers get offed, like Seth Rich or even pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, is it Republicans doing the killing, or invariably Democrats who come calling?

We will have much more to report about Ciaramella tomorrow, including ground-breaking evidence from a veteran Japanese journalist suggesting Ciaramella is actually a grandson of the longtime CIA master of dirty-dealing counterespionage: James Jesus Angleton. Be sure to tell your friends to check out Call Me Stormy on Nov. 8 and get the scoop! In the meantime, join RedPill78  for this update on Mike Flynn, Obama’s corrupt team and all the whistleblower shenanigans.

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The [Deep State] impeachment plan with their secret hearings is now falling apart rapidly. As the [DS] releases these transcripts we are finding that there is nothing. There is no there, there. Trump countered all of this with the release of the phone transcript. The [DS] is following their script because they don’t have another plan. Barr and Durham had someone very interesting visit them. Does this have to with Assange? The investigation, it is starting to look like it. The Department of Justice case against Flynn is now falling apart. His attorney Sidney Powell cornered the operatives. They are trapped by their own doing. The patriots are controlling it all. The [DS] is doing exactly what they want them to do. More from the X22 Report.

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Destroying the Illusion discusses how Project Veritas broke the Internet with its #EpsteinCoverUp release. Also in this episode: What it means now that Q has returned.

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