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Impeachment Goes Off Rails

The entire impeachment inquiry has gone off the rails. It’s such a joke, you have to wonder about the sanity of the members of the Democratic Party.  The next time they want to go insane, maybe they should just rent a big stadium and go scream. That would be a better release for these lunatics. More from Lionel Nation.

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As further proof of how far this impeachment inquiry has turned into a fiasco, we now see Twitter and Facebook both censoring any and all videos that mention the name of the CIA analyst who is the major whistleblower, Eric Ciaramella. What kind of country has America become? A CIA clown and liar like Ciaramella can spew baloney about our President, and Ciaramella is not only given immunity. He doesn’t have to prove or justify any of his lies in a public forum. Totally one-sided and a perversion orchestrated by the inept social media platforms. They need their licenses yanked, as their sense of public service is totally beyond the pale. More from Tim Pool.

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Steven Crowder runs through the left’s calling for Trump’s impeachment (for three years!) and the reason the left won’t give it up: They don’t want to have to talk about Pedophile Island!

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One of the latest Leftist twists for impeachment? Operation Shrink and Toss. Psychiatrists associated with the CIA will testify to the House panel that President Donald Trump is mentally unfit for office. Of course, none of these psychiatrists have previously testified why the CIA is unfit and ought to be abolished. We can think of multiple reasons. Child trafficking. Drug running. Illegal regime changes. In short,the CIA is an agency full of morally deficient characters who no longer have the backing of Americans These psychiatrists should get off the stage while they still can with their reputations intact. More from Headlines With A Voice.

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