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Impeachment Charade Opens

Lionel Nation watched the opening of the House Impeachment Inquiry, taking on that task so we wouldn’t have to bother doing so. And why bother? It’s a phony spectacle being staged by House Democrats who have absolutely no evidence that merits an actual impeachment. They are just trying to strut around in big cavernous halls and look important. Here is Lionel’s take on the charade, which he calls “a big so what.”

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House Intelligence? Adam Schiff? Connect the two and you’ll realize it’s time they renamed the House Intelligence Committee. To what? Perhaps Dumbo Squad. Of course, then they would have to make sure Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar both had seats! Today’s Democrats are just laughingstocks.  We would call them liars, but they can’t even enunciate words. They are simply morons. More from HighImpactFlix, who’s been watching the House impeachment inquiry. He calls it “a carefully orchestrated media smear campaign.” Yeah, sure.

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Jason Bermas is walking his dog. And talking about what he saw at the impeachment inquiry. “What in the hell am I watching?” he asks.

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Come right in, ladies and gentlemen. The show’s about to start: The Impeachment Circus. More from The United Spot.

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