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The Not-So-Young Jerks

Listen as Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks tries to defend some of his past comments regarding bestiality. This isn’t the first — or likely the last time — Uygur will go down this sorry road. He’s always on the side of rapists, whether they are attacking animals, kids or grown women. His implication that the rapists are trying to help the animals is just sick. He’s not a Young Turk, he’s just a Demented Twat! More from Jamie Dlux.

Speaking of Leftists and bestiality, Alinity just posted a Tweet she thought people would love, showing her dog eating her out. Of course, the YouTube personality, known for her World of Warcraft videos, quickly deleted the post. But Memology 101 documented it.

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And just to top things off, while Alinity skated, one thot got banned by Twitter: Corinna. She swears she did nothing wrong. Why are they picking on her? It’s Memology 101 again, right on top of all matters Alinity.

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