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Rudy Drops Carpet Bomb!

Rudy Giuliani  says he has spent hundreds of hours in the Ukraine and Hungary, gathering testimony on Joe Biden and his corruption and bribe-taking with the energy group Burisma Holdings. Giuliani and Lindsey Graham are talking about an appearance before the Senate Intelligence Committee. Better get your popcorn ready. More from In Pursuit of Truth.

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The [Deep State] is now scrambling. The fake impeachment is not going well and if it ends up in the Senate, they are no longer in control. Comey, Nadler and Schiff are now backtracking, but they have been caught. Rudy Giuliani has dropped a carpet bomb and more are coming. This is much larger than just the [Hunter Biden] and [Joe Biden]. Q drops more bread, confirms that the President, DOJ and Q are working together. More from the X22 Report.

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Now, with James Comey admitting he did something wrong and Adam Schiff being shown to be a serial liar, things are not looking all that good for the anti-Trump forces. Especially not with Rudy Giuliani stirring the pot and laying out the foundations for the massive corruption the Democrats took part in the Ukraine. To top it off, there’s now an expanding case showing voter fraud in Detroit, Michigan. How many other cities have the Democrats been running the same scams? More from RedpIll78.

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