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Will Hanks Be First Arrest?

As all of us following Q know, the federal government has been sitting on more than 100,000 federal charges leading to indictments. Q says the first arrest will be a “big” one. Could the individual arrested be Tom Hanks, who starred in the movie Big? Here, Liz Crokin speculates on that possibility.

What the general public doesn’t know: Tom Hanks is among the dirtiest of Hollywood’s elite. There have long been rumors of his involvement with pedophilia. In addition, we have to wonder what role, if any, he might have played in last spring’s death of Isaac Kappy.

Who is Issac Kappy? The Albuquerque-born musician and character actor had been identifying a number of Hollywood’s bigger names involved in the pedophilia racket. Kappy had singled out Hanks as one of the prime suspects he mentioned.

Shortly after making that allegation, Kappy died on May 12, 2019, supposedly jumping off a roadway bridge over I-40 in Bellemont, Ariz. The Arizona Department of Public Safety described the case as a suicide, saying Kappy jumped and was hit by an oncoming truck on I-40.

But we immediately called foul, as it’s been our firm belief this was never a suicide, but rather a murder. Why? Because a week before the death, Hanks was running threatening Instagram pictures suggesting Kappy would die.

If it was an ordinary citizen running these photos, they would have been rightfully arrested months ago. Hanks has avoided arrest all these months, but perhaps soon, his time will be up.

Liz Crokin discusses Hanks and comes to the same conclusion we have: Hanks will be apprehended. Crokin is an award-winning author, a seasoned and well-traveled entertainment journalist and a political junkie. She has been in the forefront in exposing Hollywood’s deep cadre of pedophiles.

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Scrub off the veneer of Mr. Rogers, and you arrive at the correct conclusion: Tom Hanks is an asshole. More from Trevor Moore.

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Of course, Hanks and his wife, actress Rita Wilson, do have an out. In December, they were offered Greek citizenship by the Greek President Prokopis Pavlopoulos. The decree doesn’t make Tom Hanks a Greek citizen yet. The actor and his family “must give an oath to the minister of the interior within one year” to become Greek citizens,  said Greek Interior Minister Takis Theodorikakos.

















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