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Democratic States Poised to Lose

A new estimate from Real Clear Politics shows that, in fact, my past video commenting on the Center for immigration studies was potentially wrong. The new estimate predicts that in 2024 Trump will make several gains as immigration slows and residents flee the blue states.

This net domestic migration out of major blue states will results in gains for Republican seats in the House and in turn electoral college votes. Texas, for instance, could pick up three seats. California, New York and Illinois all stand posied to lose.

With the way things are going, it seems like this could be the end for the Democratic party. They are fractured between the moderate corporate Democrats and the far left ideological Democrats and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight. Short of a major course correction Democrats are in serious trouble. More from Tim Pool.

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Pool returns to explore why residents are leaving Blue states. It’s not only high taxes but also loony Leftist laws that are causing people to abandon these states. Some of these states will collapse. All of them stand to lose power to Red states in the future.

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