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Iran, Kenya Come Into Focus

The [Deep State] is now struggling to maintain the narrative. The fake impeachment is falling apart very quickly. The House does not control the Senate and cannot dictate to the Senate the rules they want. The Department of Justice is now moving forward with the case against Flynn. This will fail. Watch what happens next. Trump has now focused in on Iran and Kenya at the same time. Marker has been set. More from the X22 Report.

What’s the latest on Michael Flynn? Why does it appear the case against him will be dismissed? Also, RedPill78 is pushing 200,000 subscribers and has announced a new contest to reach that goal.  He now stands at 185,000 subscribers — and climbing!

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Michael Goode appears for Part 2 of his The Final Disclosure video with The Edge of Wonder. He believes the more than 100,000 indictments pending before the Department of Justice will begin to be served in the spring of 2020. Also, he touches upon gravity and explores whether it is real.

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Wayne Jett, the chief economist at Classical Capital, joins the SGTReport to discuss the latest, which includes the demise of the Dollar. Wayne believes the dollar — the basis of the US currency — may crash in 2020. If so, it will be replaced by a more sound currency. There’s more in a video called Pop Goes the Deep State & The Dollar.

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