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Bernie Bros Meltdowns

Here’s a compilation of the best Bernie Bro meltdowns. We’re not sure why these idiots are so mad. They should have known beforehand he was going to quit — and take the next big beachfront home from the DNC! More from Zeducation.

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Now that Bernie Sanders has suspended his presidential campaign, his supporters have been quick to blame the corrupt DNC and biased media for his loss. But was there more to the failure of Sanders’s campaign? Is Sanders perhaps NOT as well loved outside of his white, college educated base as his supporters believe? In this video, we explore what the polls say to get to the truth. More from Lauren Chen.

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It was only a matter of time until #Bernie Sanders endorsed Joe #Biden. I’m so sorry for your loss, #BernieBros, but this was inevitable, after he endorsed Hillary and then ran again for the party that backstabbed him. More from Akkad Daily.

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