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Shocking News: Hell On Earth

Sarge From Icons2020 delivers a shocking report on underground biolabs in the Ukraine, labs where humans were subjected to the most hideous and grotesque varieties of experiments anyone could even conceive.

These experiments involved recombining genes and DNA strands from animal species — pigs, horses, snakes, lizards and more — with humans. The resultant children, literally freaks, were kept in deep, underground caves and tunnel systems, fending for themselves and fighting off predators in a living Hell on Earth. (EDITOR’S NOTE: Watch until the end to see a live baby Tyrannosaurus rex!)

Sarge doesn’t pull any punches or camouflage the atrocities. The questions that arise: Who ran these labs and how were they funded? How were the children subjected to this torture captured? Were they kept ensnared in cages or allowed to roam through these underground pits? If the United States, along with other NATO and SEATO nations funded this work, how could they ever justify the vastly cruel, immoral and illegal nature of what they were doing?

The largest and most insidious of these biolabs reportedly existed below the surface in Mariupol, Ukraine, with 23 levels stretching underground as far as 25 to 30 miles. There are said to be French, as well as American and Canadian, forces within these tunnels. Are these soldiers? Scientists? Members of the CIA and other international spy agencies? All of the above?

It likely will take some time to figure out the truth, especially in light of the draconian censorship by Google, DuckDuckGo and other Silicon Valley companies, seemingly trying to stave off awareness of these hellholes.  The censorship will fail. The truth will prevail, although it might take several months, if not years, for real awareness to occur.

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