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Musk: Texas Shooter A Psyop?

Does Elon Musk believe the mall shooter in Allen, Texas, was a psyop? That’s a safe assumption after the Twitter CEO’s cryptic response to a tweet by The Redheaded libertarian.

Both participated on a Twitter thread discussing the tragic event, when The Redheaded libertarian posted: “It’s a psyop and it’s not even good.” Musk, seemingly agreeing, tweeted: “This gets weirder every moment.” And indeed it has.

Within 48 hours of the shooting, the corrupt media was already playing the right-wing, white supremacist card and also digging up an obscure Russian social media account belonging to the shooter! Meanwhile, in an earlier school shooting in Texas, nothing from the media and authorities, including a damning manifesto that the FBI allegedly has recovered. Weird, indeed!

The Dream Rare Podcast gives its take on the matter, plus delves into more of Musk’s tweets, regarding interracial violent crime and the chaos on the southern border.

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