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Jail Awaits Biden Crime Family

It’s bad enough we have a  President whose son has been directly involved in a far ranging array of criminal activities. But what’s worse? When one of the nation’s premier law enforcement agencies, the FBI, has been advising the wayward Hunter Biden on how to continue to elude justice.

The FBI mole, One-Eye, should be identified and prosecuted, facing a long, long jail term. The same applies to Hunter Biden.

As for the FBI, this is an agency that needs to be cleaned out and overhauled from top to bottom. If it’s going to continue to play criminal games, and retain thugs like One-Eye within its ranks, then it’s time to just abolish the FBI, lock, stock and barrel. We do not need this form of checkered justice in the United States.

Here, Rep. Anna Paulina Luna, R-Florida, discusses the situation with Maria Bartiromo on the Fox News’ program Sunday Morning Futures. The Gateway Pundit circulated the clip.

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