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Almost Gone

Rock dinosaurs Crosby, Stills & Nash unveil their latest protest song “Almost Gone,” bemoaning the arrest of Bradley Manning and his pending military trial.

Who’s Bradley Manning? A traitor who violated his oath of office by taking it upon himself to indiscriminately release thousands upon thousands of classified documents.  Not only did he place American soldiers and agents in grave personal danger through his treason, but now he’s trying to escape the moral and legal consequences of his reprehensible act.

Sorry, CS&N. Manning is hardly an innocent babe in the woods or a political prisoner. He’s just a sniveling, confused weasel — a domestic spy — deserving of neither our pity or respect.  And if this flaccid and whiny song is any indication of CS&N’s artistic abilities, these geezers are, in the words of Jackson Browne, running on empty. Time for them to exit — stage left.

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One thought on “Almost Gone

  1. I used to like CS&N, but I couldn’t listen to more than a minute of that dreck. No wonder Neil Young left the group years ago.

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