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How Is This Legal?

Goodnight, peasants! More from The United Spot.

Different Hoax

Different Hoax…It’s the Democrats’ theme song, the gobsmacking bundle of lies they play out over and over again with the aid of a compliant mainstream media.


People are waking up worldwide. Where we go One. We go All. Track by DJ Chillin. Video by EyeDropMedia.

Smells Like LGBFJB Spirit

Oh well, whatever, you know the thing. More from Lars von Retriever.

Favorite Covid Christmas Carols

Celebrate the season with these classic Covid Christmas Carols! All in one place. More from the Babylon Bee.

It Looks Like Genocide

A holiday tune from Spacebusters.


A Very C*VID Christmas

To paraphrase William Shakespeare, “we must fight cringe with cringe.” Here, Lauren Southern takes up the challenge with her her ode to Christmas and Saint Nick.


Youtube requires that we indicate that some OPINIONS in this satirical music video contradict the “consensus medical OPINION” about covid19. More from Media Bear.

A Lot Like Fascism

It’s beginning to look a lot like Fascism everywhere you go! More from Lena Belle.


Why Modern Music Sucks

While sycophantic musicians like the band Rage Against The Machine and the ass-kisser Gene Simmons play as strong-arm men and “manufactured acts and artists” for the rich and powerful, a few musicians still raise their voices on behalf of freedom and the everyday common man.  Here, Black Pigeon Speaks explains “why modern music sucks.” Fortunately, he also identifies a few of the standouts in the crowd who haven’t sold their souls to the elite riffraff: Among them, Eric Clapton, Van Morrison and Morrissey, as well as the comedian Dave Chappelle.

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