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New song from Forgiato Blow, who gave us “Let’s Go, Brandon.”

Gaslighting Me With Psyops

With a tip of the cap to Thomas Dolby, Media Bear returns with another psychotic parody.

Tampons In The Boys’ Room

Country singer Buddy Brown performs his new song, “They’re Going To Put Tampons In The Boys’ Room,” from the tailgate of his pickup truck.

We Don’t Talk About China

Did you catch the part where they sing about China? Who knew Jen Psaki could sing? More from the Babylon Bee.

The Twitter Meltdown Factory

Elon Musk sings to the liberals having hissy fits over the new freedom of speech being allowed at Twitter. These liberals are unrepentant censors at heart! More from The United Spot.


Of course, this older creation still packs a punch. It’s called Billy Wonka and The Vaccine Factory, and positions Bill gates as the dippy head of the factory. More from Society27.


Some sample lyrics from Outtayerdaminde by Five Times August:

"Oh my, heavy times
 Everybody's angry, living lies
 And you broke joke woke folk
 Think you're gonna save the day
 You've gone outtayerdaminde, kids
 Nobody cares about what you say."

Big Pharma

The Conspiracy Music Guru performs his new song “Big Pharma,” acoustic live.



The Calm Before The Storm

The Sparks sing “The Calm Before The Storm” from their album Balls, released in 2000.


We The People

Kid Rock sings his new hit song. More than half a million views already on YouTube but you aren’t going to hear this one on your local radio station.

Liars, Liars, All Fall Down

Here’s a little ditty that captures the essence of Hillary Rodham Clitnon, one of the most dirty and vile politicians ever to run for U.S. President.

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