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Hide Yo Kids

The San Francisco Gay Men’s Choir sings about converting your kids. It immediately backfires. More from The Salty Cracker.

Instant regret! The San Francisco Gay Men’s Choir is “coming to convert your kids” and immediately regrets it. More from The Quartering.

By mid day on Thursday, the San Francisco Gay Men’s Choir had pulled down the offensive video. It seems at least a few members of the chorus had been identified as registered sex offenders. Can’t say we’re at all surprised or shocked by that. More from The Salty Cracker.

Levan Polkka On Tesla Coil

Challenge accepted: Loituma – Ievan Polkka on musical tesla coils! More from Franzoli Electronics.

Progressive Sounds Of America

We had to suffer through seeing Will Witt with this mustache for like a week just to make this video so we hope you all appreciate it. More from PragerU.

I Am Always On Your Mind

President Donald Trump sings out to the Democrats. He was always on their mind. More from The United Spot.

Isaac Kappy: The Present

Now’s an appropriate time to revive Isaac Kappy’s anthem focusing on the New World Order elites who control so much global business, including Hollywood and much of the corrupt American federal government.

How long before these child murderers face justice? How long will the limp press allow these killers to go unidentified and uncharged for their decades of brazen criminal activity? Why must children — society’s most innocent and defenseless citizens — be sacrificed to these greedy, adrenochrome-swilling pinheads?

Isaac Kappy helped many of us begin to see the vile, cannibalistic practices driving Hollywood scumbags like Tom Hanks, Ellen DeGeneres, Robert DeNiro and Madonna. In return for divulging the truth, Kappy paid the supreme price — murdered along US70 near Bellemont, Arizona, while traveling from California to his hometown of Albuquerque, New Mexico. It’s time to show his efforts were not in vain.

Put Your Mask Back On

Nancy Pelosi launches a singing and performing career. More from The United Spot.

Conspiracy Fly

Good ol’ Conspiracy Fly’s song from the end of Family Guy Season 18 Episode 17.

Just Say No

Edmonton, Canada, rapper RC, joined by Chris Sky, perform “Just Say No.”


Speaking of rap, the Free the Patriot Tour opens tonight at the Manchester Music Hall in Lexington, Kentucky. The rappers taking part in the tour include Christians and U.S. military veterans. They are conservatives who have fought Liberal censorship, not only from YouTube, but also from the blighted Satanic music industry. Here, four of those rappers — Topher, Bryson Gray, The Marine Rapper and D. Cure — discuss their work with Diamond and Silk.

Menace To Eugenics

The first single and music video from the New Album from Blooded the Brave and Bottom Crate Beats. “Menace To Eugenics” is dedicated to the hidden history of those who have openly sought to control the world and expose the Eugenics agenda that has been used against us all to this day.

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The Meme Is In The Heart

Don’t let your memes be dreams. A Deee-Liteful revelry from William of Ockham.


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