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They Always Foretell Their Plots

They say the Satanist Globalists always show you what they are doing or going to do. — Their time is coming. Here, watch elements from a new Lady Gaga video seeming to show how graphene — the black goo — can usher in disease and possibly death for those exposed to it. Now, we learn graphene is a common element in the new covid-19 vaccines. More from FreiheitsFreund, distributing a video originally created by Ja De.


A new anthem from Five Times August. Hopefully, this clown will be removed Oct. 2, as is now being widely rumored. He was illegally installed into the White House following election fraud, so he certainly doesn’t deserve to remain in power.

Kamala 47

She could be dumb. Or maybe just happy. With a shout out to Nirvana from Lars von Retriever.

Far From This World

WhatsHerFace sings, “Out of the C //Wish I could flee//Far from this world.” What was once a Disney song has now become a covid classic, inspired by The Little Mermaid.

F Biden

Rap artist Burden, who refers to his followers as “The Underdogs,” sings his ode to Joe Biden, the Pederast in Chief of the United States.

Meanwhile, college students at several different schools were recorded chanting in unison “F— Joe Biden,” expressing their distaste for the 46th president and his administration. Newsmax’s John Bachman Now panel reacts.

Anti-Rap Before It Was Cool

Let’s meet a man who called rap problematic before it was cool. More from Ryan Long.

This Has Gotta Stop

Eric Clapton releases his new song protesting the Covid tyranny. More from Dinesh D’Souza.

White Lightning

Selling raw milk remains illegal in many places in the United States, making some feel like modern-day moonshiners. More from Remy at Reason TV.

I Would Lie 500 Times

Prayers to our fallen soldiers. Your sacrifice will not be forgotten. Instead, we will do our best to blot out of our minds the scourgeful liar known as Joe Biden. More from The United Spot.

Flashback To The Future

Nancy Pelosi croons odes to the vax. Darth Vodka strikes again! More from The United Spot.


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