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A Tale of Two Tapes

Video No. 1: We journey back to January 1992 as 60 Minutes‘ Steve Kroft grills Bill Clinton on allegations he engaged in a longtime extramarital affair with Gennifer Flowers. With Hillary Clinton by his side, Bill denies the allegations, claiming he barely knew Gennifer, although subsequently, that was proven to be a lie.

Video No. 2: Picking up where Marilyn Monroe left off, Lady Gaga dedicates a sultry tune to Bill Clinton in an October 2011 Hollywood Bowl concert celebrating the former president’s 65th birthday.

Why juxtapose the two videos? Besides the fact that it’s not been done before, these two tales of the tape say something about the nexus of politics, power, sex and culture in America, as well as changing times. Watch and interpret the videos for yourselves, however you deem fit.

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