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Military Executes Tom Hanks?

A website called Real Raw News claims the U.S. military has executed Tom Hanks after finding him guilty on charges of pedophilia and child endangerment. The report says Hanks was apprehended June 12 after flying from his home in Greece to Malpensa Airport in Milan, Italy. He was planning to attend a foreign film festival but was instead arrested by members of Interpol, along with the 173rd Airborne Combat Brigade, an airborne team of the U.S. Army based in Vicenza, Italy.

Hanks was flown to Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean, awaiting his trial 10 days later before the U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps. The military presented evidence that Hanks had been involved with child trafficking for 30 years, and engaged in sexual intercourse with male children who were obviously below the age of consent.

Other videos showed Hanks taking part in Hollywood adrenochrome parties. One video showed Hanks and Lady Gaga “injecting each other while an unseen child’s screams, the wailing sound of death, echoed in the background.”

Sources told Real Raw News the military built its case upon 50 video clips and some 2,000 images. The three-officer panel found Hanks guilty and ordered he face capital punishment through an injection of pancuronium bromide, potassium chloride, and midazolam, while he was strapped to a gurney. Asked if he had anything to say in his defense, he told the tribunal that adult-child intercourse was “natural” and added, “My death won’t stop anything; we are everywhere.”

Here’s a link to Real Raw News site, so you can read the full story yourself:

McAllister News touches upon this revelation in her video Tuesday, exploring the emergence of “military backchannels” across the web.” She asks, “Are there military backchannels in operation as we speak? Are channels opening up all over the web?” Much of her work in this video involves sharing viewers’ stories of their creepy encounters.

Celebrities Facing Executions

Here is a long list of celebrities that have reportedly faced military tribunals.

In some cases, they have been executed. In other cases, they are under house arrest. Still others have chosen to collaborate with authorities and rat out individuals involved in child sex trafficking or human trafficking in general.

We have not verified whether the individuals identified here have faced trials and, if so, which have been executed and which have instead been jailed, presumably for life.

The roster comes from bluewater, an independent channel on Bitchute. Those identified include Marina Abramowitz, Courtney Love, Katy Perry, Gwen Stefani, Naomi Campbell, Chrissy Teigen, Cher, Lady Gaga and Celine Dion. Also named: Madonna, Beyonce, Jay Z, Barbra Streisand, Nicole Kidman, and Justin Bieber.

Ellen DeGeneres and Oprah Winfrey were both named as individuals who have been under house arrest.

The new video from McAllister TV features Sarge from Icons, who says the military has summoned 32 governors and informed them to stand down. Apparently 26 of the governors have done so, while six governors objected. We do not know the names of those six or what happened to them.

McAllister TV and Sarge from Icons have been discussing the military tribunals involving John Brennan and James Comey. McAllister TV host Linda Paris brings us up to date on the whistleblower JohnHeretoHelp or Jonathan McGreevey, who just dropped several bombs regarding tribunals in an interview on the The Stew Peters Show.

California had more than a dozen “earthquakes” over the past week. Were those actual earthquakes, or further operations to clean out the DUMBs or Deep Underground Military Bases? These DUMBs are where Globalists have been ferreting away children and subjecting them to gruesome experiments. Many of the kids are left dead or deformed.

Other topics discussed: Starlink and George Floyd mural destroyed by lightning. This is a two-part series. We will present the followup video Sunday or Monday, so stay tuned.


Lady Gaga: The Pitbull

Lady Gaga is more upset over her stolen dogs than her dog walker, who got shot. The Salty Cracker dives headfirst into the sordid doggy poo, involving Lady Gaga, a veritable pitbull. Here’s the true saga of a Satanist’s pug life.

The Final Countdown

The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media are now planning the red mirage operation. They will not concede the election. Their plan is to drag it out as long as possible, create chaos and push their agenda. Trump and the patriots have known their playbook for a long time. Countermeasures are in place. Red wave coming. Nothing can stop this nothing. How do you stop a D5 landslide? You can’t. More from the X22 Report.


We are entering the final countdown for the 2020 Presidential RE-ELECTION of Donald J. Trump. Quite Frankly and Corey’s Digs join me for the first 18 minutes of this EXCLUSIVE.

Victory is near! We are in the hands of God now! Pray for our salvation and for the future of the greatest nation in the history of the planet. More from And We Know.

Two of our favorite content creators, RedPill78 and Lori Colley, are now on Rumble. We are still working on adding Rumble videos here. Until then, follow these links to go directly to the videos. Here, Lori Colley discusses the Red Mirage, anti-fracking activist Lady Gaga stumping for the wimp Joe Biden in Pennsylvania and a fake Kamala Harris campaigning in Florida. Lori Colley also discusses the Shutdown DC radicals organizing to create chaos in Washington DC. Lisa Fithian is in charge of maneuvering the anarchists:

POTUS is looking good heading into the 2020 election, with a 52% approval rating, despite the best efforts of officials in Pennsylvania who appear to be attempting to intimidate voters into skipping the most important election of the century. The Department of Justice is sending Federal officials out to 44 jurisdictions to ensure election integrity. We have new info from the Hunter Biden laptops and some explanations as to that strange Finger Lakes tattoo on his back. And finally, the FBI has been caught hiding ADDITIONAL Seth Rich documents, but they will soon be revealed! More from RedPill78.


Hey, Gaga! Take A Powder!

Who is driving the Biden vote? A bunch of Meth heads from Hollywood. Think God the election is today, and we will soon be able to forget about all these losers and whiners like Lady Gaga. She goes full cringe trying to pull Joe Biden across the finish line. Guess what? Ain’t going to work, bitch! More from The Salty Cracker.


Depth Of The Swamp

The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media is now losing the battle with the event. People and doctors are now waking up and speaking out. The people are demanding that the states reopen. The [DS]/MSM are trying to spin the Flynn story. They are being led down a path that will trap them. The Swamp is deep and wide but it is now being exposed. The shadow presidency and government are being forced into the light. Patriots are in control. The truth will prevail. More from the X22 Report.

Did the Russians actually want Donald Trump to win the US Presidency in 2016? That’s what former CIA Director John Brennan argued, but the preponderance of evidence suggests that the Russians actually preferred Hillary Clinton, believing she would be more predictable and malleable. Here, In Pursuit of Truth discusses the welter of conflicting assertions and charges and countercharges surrounding the [Russia] narrative.

The discussion not only gets into Seth Rich, but also Crowdstrike and Natalia Veselnitskaya. She’s the Russian lawyer who met with Donald Trump Jr. and Jared Kushner, but was it a fishing expedition? Quite possibly seeing as how it was former US Attorney General Loretta Lynch who jumped through hoops to clear a path for Veselnitskaya to visit the United States!

Now, we are seeing how dozens of Obama administration staffers — including Vice President Joe Biden, former Director of National intelligence James Clapper and United Nations Ambassador Samantha Power — all unmasked Gen. Michael Flynn. And the dates of the unmasking generally occurred before Flynn’s conversation with Sergei Kislyak, the Russian ambassador to the US, on Dec. 22, 2016. So was the Kislyak phone call a set-up? Just another scam the Obama folks were using to try to nail Flynn and damage the incoming administration?

Did the Hussein administration unmask themselves? The FISA court is meant to apply for surveillance abroad. How was it being used to spy upon domestic Americans and, specifically, the political opponents of the Democrats? Let’s get into the story behind these Democrats: Lie Hard! More from JustInformed Talk.

John Titus returns to SGT Report to discuss monetary madness, the looting of the US Treasury, and the fascist economic lock down.

Why did the Deep State, led by John Brennan from the CIA, lean so heavily to discredit and remove Gen. Michael Flynn? Because he knew where all the bodies are buried. And we do not mean that as a figure of speech, but in a literal way. Here, TRUreporting explains the convoluted stakes involved. Also covered: Is Greta Thunberg a virologist? Why did CNN place her on a coronavirus panel? We thought her expertise was climate change!

Also,  George Soros and Bill Gates are funding contact tracing groups, and who should they put on the board for one of these groups: Chelsea Clinton!  Finally, you’ve heard of the latest celebrity hacks out of Eastern Europe. The hacks involve full email accounts of celebrities including Lady Gaga and Madonna. What do you suppose we’re going to find out?

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Celebrity Coded Messages

Since the CCPvirus outbreak started, there’s been a lot going on with our infamous Hollywood celebrities? What can we tell from Tom Hanks, Ellen, Lady Gaga, Madonna and Britney Spears social media? Are celebrities and famous figures using this virus to their own agenda? What are they trying to hide? Or perhaps, what could they be trying to tell each other? And how does Q and the White Rabbit tie everything together? All this and more on today’s Edge of Wonder!

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The level of corruption is severe. Here, President Donald Trump begins to address the fight against human trafficking against women and children. Here, we get an outline of the horrible games that the World health Organization or WHO has been playing in regards to the spread of the coronavirus. This is a biased and shoddy outfit and should not receive so much US funding given how they disregard the facts and allowed the coronavirus to spread even more rapidly.  In other news, China has lifted its lockdown in Wuhan. More from And We Know.

Dr. Birx confirms anyone who dies with coronavirus, regardless of any underlying health conditions, is being counted as a COVID-19 death. In other words, the CDC is inflating the magnitude of the COVID-19 deaths, presumably to frighten the public and keep people staying at home. Is this all an irrational power grab by the lowly, perpetually lying Democrats? US businesses, meanwhile, are beginning to leave China and some are setting up shop in India. More from McAllister TV.

Is the Hidden Enemy directly beneath us? Have they been lurking in tunnels and underground lairs all across the country? Why are Harvard and Yale under investigation for $375 million in secretive funding from Saudi Arabia and China? So who was selling us out? Our own intellectual elites. What does the Owl represent to certain cults? More from JustInformed Talk.

Craig Mason is coming under attack from YouTube, just as everyone else who engaged in “wrong think” or “harmful content.” Here, he offers a look at the day’s latest news, including an interesting conversation between Alabama’s Senatorial hopeful Jeff Sessions with Maria Bartiromo. How come China sends a media representative to our White House press briefings? Speaking of the White House, we have a new press secretary: Kayleigh McEnany.

What Is The Scrub Face?

Heard of the scrub face? Perhaps not? We’ll explain this term that you likely will be hearing much more about in the weeks and months ahead.

The scrub face comes from the art of Jean-Michel Basquiat, a Puerto Rican and Haitian artist who primarily lived in New York City. Born in 1960, he died at the age of 27 — the victim of a heroin overdose. Over the years since, he has become the highest selling contemporary artist in Sotheby’s history, outpacing Andy Warhol. Among the many collectors who have purchased Basquiat works: David Bowie, Ellen DeGeneres, Johnny Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio, Deborah Harry and Madonna.

What is it about Basquiat that appeals to these folks? They all are among the Hollywood film and music elite who frequented Jeffrey Epstein’s Little St. James Island. And on that island, the guests took part in orgies during which they gave scrub faces to children these elites ultimately killed and devoured.

You see, the elites wanted the adrenochrome of the children. The adrenochrome is a glandular substance found in the adrenal and pituitary glands and released into the bloodstreams of children who have been frightened. The elites at Epstein’s Island would scare the bejesus out of the kid victims, usually Haitians or Puerto Ricans or street kids off the backroads of Manhattan. To top off the torture, a thin mask of skin would be stripped off the faces of the kids, leaving them wailing in absolute panic right before they died. This is the “scrub face.”

Don’t believe us? Here’s a collection of images showing examples of Basquiat’s scrub faces adorning the clothing or walls of rich collectors. Also, you see Lady Gaga wearing a full body “scrub face.” My, how charming she is!  How debonair! Chic-chic!


McAllister TV tells us more about the “snuffed face child,” the eerie art works of appeal to the demonic creatures who frequent places like Jeffrey Epstein’s Little St. James Island. Basquiat is one of their favorite artists, but they are also drawn to the British painter and sculptor Damien Hirst. His work can be found in a $100,000 a night “Empathy Suite” high atop the Palms Hotel in Las Vegas.

Here, for your further edification, we present a TED-ED talk on Basquiat. It’s quite informative, although does not discuss at all the dark secret behind Basquiat’s work and why so many celebrities collect this stuff. Because they are, by and large, adrenochrome junkies. They have partaken of the forbidden fruit. It gives them an elusive psychedelic rush. In addition, it renders them looking more youthful. And we all know Hollywood celebutards are vain and seeking to preserve their good looks.

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Let’s meet 54-year-old Damien Hirst, one of the Young British Artists, known for his spin paintings and his elaborate sculptures of life-sized sharks, cows and sheep inside formaldehyde-filled tanks. He also creates diamond-studded skulls. Actually, he doesn’t even create most of these works. Instead he conceives the art and has a team of technicians whom he oversees as they bring his designs to life. At one recent art auction, he sold close to $200 million worth of work. Perhaps his most ardent patron is Charles Saatchi, founder of the British advertising firm Saatchi & Saatchi.

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God Only Knows by Damien Hirst mocks the  crucifixion of Christ and the two thieves. Hanging in the triptych are the skeletons of three sheep.



Of Biblical Proportions

Now it’s Lady Gaga down with the flu, Bill Maher cancelling his show indefinitely, and other headliners infected. What’s going on? Is this an adrenochrome problem? Join me for a review of where we are in the birth pains, plus scripture and prayer. More from Lori Colley.

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Corey from Corey’s Digs joins SGTReport to discuss… well, just guess. The discussion covers how Bill Gates and his various non-profits have a stranglehold over vaccine and infectious disease programs. They are not improving our scientific knowledge but working to stave off opposing views and to enforce adult vaccinations. Gates grew up in a eugenics environment and cannot be trusted to do what is good or correct or scientific. It’s time independent, and true scientific bodies re-asserted control over these spheres of knowledge and the public health domain.

Styxhexenhammer666 has some good news and some bad news. The good news? For the first time since he’s been commenting and reporting on coronavirus daily since January, the number of new cases Tuesday was actually lower than the number of new cases Monday. So perhaps we’re seeing a little bit of relief, perhaps some slowing or moderation in the spread of the virus.

The bad news? YouTube is continuing to screw over independent content creators, now using the coronavirus as an excuse to do so. These clowns never learn and never stop. YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki should have had her ass fired a long time ago. What a disgraceful corporate officer who never has shown the slightest interest in upholding the public’s right to free speech and free press. And if YouTube doesn’t stand for free speech and free press, what exactly is it? A Leftist mouthpiece? Another lying and manipulative corporate mainstream media platform? We don’t know exactly yet, but we’ve seen enough of Wojcicki to last a couple of lifetimes.

Otherwise, Styx summarizes the pandemic, which now stands at 183,000 reported cases worldwide. There’s been a lot more dumb mass panic happening. And there’s been more Chinese propaganda, which is never surprising.

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Destroying the Illusion discusses the rumors, apparently fake, of a full-scale quarantine pending. Also in this edition: POTUS and his team offer an update on COVID-19. Sidney Powell has issued some stern comments on the sex trafficking of children and the disgusting contents of Anthony Weiner’s laptop. Finally, the CEO of Lockheed Martin is resigning.

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We’re All Being Groomed

“We are ALL Being Groomed” is a video intended for educational purposes regarding the commandeering of human potential–this video covers a summer camp for gifted children, takes a closer look at the famous alumni, who they connected with thereafter, and the effects of these individuals on society. More from Really Graceful.

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