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Superman Comes to Earth

Today, we launch a new Saturday Matinee series on Call Me Stormy. Once a week, every Saturday, we’ll present a short and sweet chapter from one of the classic matinee serials — B-Westerns, jungle adventures, Spy vs. Spy, crime mellers, outer space operas or something else worth your while — to help kick off the weekend in style. Where possible, we’ll run these original serials in full, presenting a new chapter each week until they’ve reached their cliff-hanging conclusion.

First up, Superman Comes to Earth, the original screen appearance by the Man of Steel. Columbia Pictures created this chapter as part of a 15-episode, black-and-white serial that played theatrically in 1948, usually on Saturdays.  Kirk Alyn appears as Clark Kent/Superman and Noel Neill as Lois Lane. One of the co-directors, Thomas Carr, later helmed many of the Superman TV shows.




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