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Ted Bundy’s Last Interview

We might never know what motivated James Eagen Holmes to go on a murder spree and shoot 70 patrons at a Colorado movie theater. Clearly, there are demons loose inside Holmes’ head, but can he recognize them? Rev. Fred Lawrence, the Methodist preacher who administered the last rites for Ted Bundy, said of the serial killer, “I don’t think even he knew how many he killed or why he killed them.”

Why mention Bundy in the same breath as Holmes? At least superficially, the two share some distinctive traits. Loners. Methodically calculating. Highly intelligent. And yet, capable of committing brazen, unhinged acts of violence, marked by a stunning degree of brutality and senselessness.

Bundy is now burning for eternity in Hell — the same fate that awaits Holmes. Here is Bundy’s last interview — a chilling incarnation of cold-hearted evil — given to homicide detective Robert D. Keppel a few hours before Bundy’s 1989 execution.

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