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Attempted Homicide On Earth

Flying planes is an attempted homicide on the Planet Earth. That’s why Southwest Airlines is proving itself to be a climate trailblazer by declining to put planes into flight.

There’s much we don’t know, or where we have been led astray. Here, AwakenwithJP and Ryan Long explain what Southwest Airlines is trying to cover up about their pilots and vaccine mandates, joined by Danny Polishchuk.

They’ll Never Be Happy!

None of the Leftist activists groups are quite as pushy or as adamant as the LGBT activists. Now, practically every superhero or superwoman is coming out as gay, bisexual, lesbian or some other extremist sexual flavor. You wouldn’t know it listening to the LGBT activists. They are always pushing for more, and decrying heterosexuals. More from Mark Dice.

Pelosi Chased Off Streets

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is chased off the streets of Corpus Christi, Texas, by a crowd of pro-Trump patriots. They taunt Pelosi, chanting, “F–king Communist.” More from Starblazer692003.





Let’s Go Brandon

“Let’s go Brandon” goes live. The catchy phrase makes it onto Fox News. More from Ovation Eddie.

Trudeau Rechristens The LGBT

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is now calling the LGBT Movement the 2SLGBTQQIA. No, this isn’t a joke! More from Paul Joseph Watson.


FBI Busts FBI Terror Plot

An FBI agent goes undercover to bust a right-wing terror plot. But are the others also undercover FBI agents? Yes. They all are FBI agents. More from the Babylon Bee.


C-Grade Actor Playing Biden

Here is a Wil Paranormal video exploring a persistent rumor. Namely, it’s said the real Joe Biden suffered a debilitating stroke in February. Ever since, he’s not been appearing in public, but instead been portrayed by a C-grade, 83-year-old Hollywood actor, Arthur Roberts, wearing a prosthetic mask.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson let the cat out of the bag, taunting Roberts as a fraud upon supposedly meeting Joe Biden. “You’re not Joe Biden?,” Johnson declared. “Who the bloody hell are you?”


Haitians Steal Buses, Escape

Infowars’ Owen Shroyer reports that illegal Haitian immigrants in custody hijacked multiple buses at the southern border during transport rides, forcing out drivers, driving down the road and escaping.

This latest turn of events adds another chaotic chapter to the worsening border crisis, which now includes the U.S. government transporting immigrants to different parts of the nation, including a large drop-off in San Antonio, Texas. CNN’s April Ryan confirmed the migrants are not only comprised of Haitians and Central Americas, but also Congolese and other African immigrants. “This is what ends up in more violence in cities where they’re going and a bigger welfare state,” Shroyer says. “It’s all part of the Democrat Party platform.” More from Infowars.

Faux White House, Fake Biden

The faux White House and Biden Administration are turning more into a comedy show everyday. Witness the fake Biden handlers, fake Boris Johnson, the studio walls coming apart at the seams. And most shocking of all, check out the fake president, who appears to be wearing a Joe Biden facemask.

“It’s the attack of the clones saga, with masks peeling off and a supposed president taking orders from puppet masters,” says Renaud Bedard. Here’s the stunning video and always judge the material for yourself.

Funniest Woke SJW Messages Ever

Sit back and enjoy some of the funniest woke SJW fails ever! More from Steve Turley.

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