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Shamans Descend Upon Davos

New Age voodoo and shamans at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. More from Hugo Talks.

Black Lives Matter: Fraud!

Blacks Lives Matter purported to be working for the benefit of black people. But Candace Owens says the political action committee is nothing but a fraud.

Co-founded by Patrisse Cullors, Black Lives Matter collected millions of dollars. The money was used to buy expensive mansions for the BLM leaders, mansions located largely in white communities. These leaders live the high life, while doing nothing to benefit black people. More from Candace Owens.

Seattle’s Pro-Abortion Gangsters

Just how violent and deranged are leftists? Andy Ngo gives us another stellar example, capturing vile pro-abortion protesters in Seattle, Washington, who are so unglued they attack their own side at a march. These are not people who think clearly. They are monsters.


Biden Admits Afghan Terrorists

The Joe Biden administration, in its rush to admit Afghan refugees into the United States, allowed several suspected terrorists to gain admission to the nation. Records obtained by Project Veritas confirm numerous suspected terrorists are currently living throughout the country. Many have work visas despite being flagged by the Terrorist Watchlist for violent offenses like murder and using explosive devices and arms.

Project Veritas published redacted government records of suspected terrorists who fall under the “Tier 1” threat level, which is labelled as “Armed and Dangerous.” Most of these individuals flagged by the Department of Homeland Security were admitted because of an initiative to shelter fleeing refugees called Operation Allies Welcome, More from Project Veritas.

Biden’s Ministry Of Truth

Dr. Lee Vliet, attorney Todd Callender and a patriot friend join me to discuss Biden’s new ‘disinformation governance board’, Biden purging the military of patriots and clearing the way for UN troops under the WHO’s usurpation of American sovereignty, the next plandemic, 5G and more from the SGTReport.

Queen Of Cringe

We expect them to lie. We expect them to cheat. But do they always have to be so cringe-worthy? Here’s a look at Nina Jankowicz, the new head of Joe Biden’s Ministry of Truth, from Paul Joseph Watson.

The CORRUPT and ILLEGITIMATE Biden Regime is so DESPERATE to cover up their TREASONOUS CORRUPTION that they’ve decided to make it ILLEGAL to speak the TRUTH about their many CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY and WE, THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!!! More from JustInformed Talk.

Meet The Minister Of Truth

She’s Nina Jankowicz, newly appointed executive director of the Homeland Security Disinformation Governing Board. She’s not really a minister of truth, but a shameless liar, a baldfaced political hack.

The The Post Millennial noted, Jankowicz herself though has been revealed to have spread disinformation on a number of topics. In screenshots of old tweets posted to Twitter, she was seen dismissing the Hunter Biden laptop as Russian misinformation, slamming free speech, and bashed Twitter’s decision to stop taking action against 2020 election posts.”

Here, Tucker Carlson of Fox News introduces this radical leftist, as well as her strong-armed accomplice — the head of the Department of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas.

Biden Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas announces the formation of a new Disinformation Governance Board to be led by Hunter Biden Laptop Denier Nina Jankowicz. In this video, criminal defense lawyer Robert Gouveia reviews the announcement of the board and the tweets from America’s newest Censorship Czar. More from Robert Gouveia.

For Ritual Purposes Only

Hollywood wannabes Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly say they drink each other’s blood “for ritual purposes only.” Maybe it’s time to nuke Hollywood. More from Hugo Talks.

Look What They Are Doing Now

Extinction Rebellion? Why the hell don’t they protest the shot? They are not happy unless they are destroying our way of life somewhere. I noticed that Boris Johnson’s fathers hair looks like his. Does that entire family not own one comb? More from Hugo Talks.

Entrapment On January 6th

The single most damning video I’ve seen of #BaitAndEntrap on J6. Note: Not only are Nancy Pelosi’s U.S. Capitol police officers waving in the protesters and even holding doors open for them, but many of the “protesters” are not actual Trump supporters. They look to be Antifa dressed up in Trump gear — young and carelessly dragging the American flag along the flag! More from Joe Dan Gorman.

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