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Nannies Escalate War on Soda

Channeling New York’s Nanny Mayor Michael Bloomberg, U.S. Rep. Rosa DeLauro, D-Connecticut, has now called for imposing a national sales tax on sodas and 10-percent fruit drinks, supposedly as a means to force poor people to improve their dietary habits. How long before DeLauro wages war on Little Debbie Nutty Bars? Can she resist slapping a surcharge on Ruffles? Or breaking off a piece of every Kit Kat for the federal bureaucracy?

Back in 2009, Jackie and Dunlap from warned us to beware of what lie ahead as Washington stepped up its war on soda, booze, cigarettes, junk food and, yes, poor, underage Little Debbie.

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One thought on “Nannies Escalate War on Soda

  1. Every time Rosa DeLauro comes up with a new dumb-ass idea, she personally should fund its implementation. (Since her personal wealth now exceeds $25 Million, she certainly can afford to do so: Where in the Constitution does it give the Fed. Govt. the right to practice social engineering? People need to control how they spend in terms of needs and wants: needs like food, water, shelter, etc., rather than wants like soda, candy, etc. But according to DeLauro, it’s society’s fault—not the person’s fault—for wasting money on something they don’t need. So, according to DeLauro, let’s tax the crap out of people so they’ll reform their dietary habits. (Meanwhile I wonder if she realizes how unhealthy her gourmet meals are from Schneider’s & Federal City Caterers: .)
    Government is slowly taking away our freedoms, as if we are all too stupid to make decisions for ourselves. The problem with DeLauro is she doesn’t know when to stop. So the best way to stop her is to retire her in November.

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