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The Covid Games Never End

International health scientist, Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger, warns the public to wake up and take control of their lives. She says the government has been lying about Covid-19 since Day 1 and is only interested in creating a perpetual pandemic.

Says Stuckelberger, “Those who got vaccinated, thought the vaccine would liberate them. But they have to keep on wearing masks and have to keep doing lockdowns and distancing. It doesn’t solve anything.” She says if you search hard enough, you will find the federal government already has a plan to extend the pandemic through 2031. Further due diligence reveals that Johns Hopkins University has issued a plan for its SPARS pandemic project for 2025 and 2028. It never ends. Here’s more on the RenaudBe channel.

End Of The Republic

Sourcing Future News, Alex Jones reports that the end of the republic is approaching.  According to Future News, the federal government has officially been captured by globalist forces and are moving to secure permanent dictatorship. Jones lays out the Cabal’s blueprint that exposes their plan to create a one-party state, and collapse and ultimately destroy America.

Mandatory Vaccines In Quebec

It’s official! Francois Legault, Premier of Quebec, is mandating vaccinations for all residents. Legault also warned that unvaccinated people will face fines in the province every month. At what age the fines will begin is not yet known, though the penalties will be significant.

Josh Sigurdson reports the move by Legault is in lockstep with Greece and Austria, who mandated similar measures in their countries. In Austria, those 14-and-up who are unvaccinated are fined $4,000 a month and being denied jobs and welfare, as well. “This is the establishment starving out all of the non-compliant while murdering the rest of society,” Sigurdson says. Here’s his report on World Alternative Media.

Nursing-Home Tragedies

Stew Peters reports there are millions of tragedies unfolding everyday in our assisted care facilities across American and nobody is talking about this. Peters adds that more of our loved ones are literally being stashed away in nursing homes and deprived of family visitation.

Take California, where the latest health order for visiting nursing homes requires a guest to be fully vaccinated and boosted, and they must produce a negative Covid test on top of that. Peters fills us in on the details, plus welcomes Team Enigma, who reveals more information bombs about the bioweapon clot-shot.

Blue State Internment Camps

Legislation is moving swiftly through Blue States to crack down on the unvaccinated. Infowars’ Alex Jones reports that Democratic governors are prepared to detain the unvaxxed in Covid camps for their behavior. He says those who don’t get vaccinated or protest the legislation will be put in camps. “It’s in the bills,” he says.

Even scarier, Jones says, children will be taken from healthy parents and placed in “shields,” much like what’s going on in parts of Europe and Australia. Here’s more on BANNED.VIDEO.

Huge Government Covid Bribes

A.J. DePriest, healthcare policy analysis expert, says schools and hospitals are turning a blind eye to parental and public concerns over Covid restrictions to ensure the flow of government relief funds.

DePriest, who also belongs to the Tennessee Liberty Network think tank, says that year-to-date, schools have received a shocking $200 billion from the federal government’s American Rescue Plan Act (ARP) and Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) fund, signed into law by President Biden. She says in order to get the money, schools must adhere to requirements regarding universal and correct wearing of masks, physical distancing, handwashing, cleaning and ventilation, contact tracing, and more.

A probe into hospitals revealed similar relief funds from ARP and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Here’s more with DePriest on The Highwire, with host Del Bigtree.

Biden Family’s Criminal Ties

The Intel Chief Of Kazakhstan has been arrested, while Petro Poroshenko, the former president of the Ukraine, is on the run. Both have direct ties to the Biden crime family, specifically, through the global swindling operation conducted by Hunter Biden. Of course, he shared a cut of all of his proceeds with his father, the crooked Joe Biden. More from Jordan Sather.

How Far Will Vax Tyranny Go?

How far will the globalists carry out their vaccine tyranny? Will we see forced jabs at gunpoint? Will the unvaccinated be imprisoned in death camps and labeled health risks? Health Ranger Report’s Mike Adams explores the evil options of the Deep State.

Arizona Audit Probe Stalled

Arizona State Sen. Wendy Rogers joins the Health Ranger Report and Mike Adams for an update on what she calls a “2.1 million-ballot, deep-dive, cyber forensic audit,” which she says is stalled in the Attorney General’s office.

Rogers pointed out that the “big reveal” during a hearing on the floor of the State Senate last September, disclosed there was corruption and inconsistencies in the voter count that totaled tens of thousands of ballots. She says the data was turned over to Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich, who launched an investigation. Sadly, the probe is still pending after more than two months. Here’s Rogers with more details.

Big Tech Silences Scientists

In a tell-all interview with Infowars’ Kristi Leigh, world-renowned virologist Dr. Robert Malone spills the beans on how Big Tech is silencing our top scientists, as the Covid narrative collapses.

Malone, creator of mRNA technology, says he is fully aware of the multi-faceted globalist Great Reset takevover, including their sinister plans for a cashless society, the global-medical ID and more.  Here’s his interview with Leigh.

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