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Jailed For Journalism?

Viva Frei’s David Freitheit digs into the story of North Carolina independent journalist, Stephen Horn, who was recently convicted for reporting on and documenting the activities of Jan. 6–or, as the government contends, parading and picketing unlawfully. Here’s his report.

Was Maui Disaster Preplanned?

Riss Flex reports that the Center For Homeland Defense and Security (CHDS) hosted an emergency meeting in Hawaii three months ago for all of the state’s senior elected officials to discuss how to prevent a catastrophic disaster in the state, such as the wildfire that devastated Maui.

The CHDS described the event as a  “calibrated unified command during dynamic incidents” in preparation for hurricane season. Ironically, Flex points out, the event’s  guest speaker was Matthew Pontes, director of wildfire and fuel management. The meeting, which was attended by officials from all four Hawaii counties, also included simulation exercises of catastrophic scenarios. More with Flex.

How The Bidens Got Rich

Dinesh D’Souza takes a deep dive into bank records to reveal how precisely the Bidens got so rich—on a government salary!

He brings us the astonishing results, plus also examines the Chinese system, which seems to be a modified form of classical fascism. Here’s his report.

Covid Preplanned By Elites

Sen. Ron Johnson suggests that the alleged Covid-19 pandemic was preplanned by an elite group of people, which includes our own government.

Appearing on “Mormings With Maria,” with host Maria Bartiromo, Johnson says, “We are going down a very dangerous path being laid out and planned by an elite group of people who want to take control over our lives.” Here’s more from Fox News.

At The Mercy Of Big Banks

Greg Reese reports on the immense power and control that big banks hold over the people. Big Banks manage everything and politicians are just their puppets, he says.

“Politicians are there only to keep the people divided and distracted, and so far, they have been successful,” Reese says. Their main goal: a cashless, digital society en route to their New World Order agenda. Here’s his report.

Yet More Mother Weffers

Keep your eyes peeled on the Mother Weffers — the political hacks like Justin Trudeau and Joe Biden under the control of the World Economic Forum (WEF). One by one, we are exposing these corrupt leaders. We are wearing them down and knocking them out. But this is not going to be a battle won overnight. It might take months, even years, to fully rid the planet of this vermin.

Clif High says the Mother Weffers are now trying to lock down the planet again — this time supposedly to combat climate change. John Kerry, the special presidential envoy for climate, has been spinning a web of lies in an attempt to achieve what he calls “net zero” emissions. The net impact of his proposals? He would literally destroy America’s agriculture industry and decimate the world’s food supply.

So while we are making headway, we still have Mother Weffers to send to Hell! John Kerry most certainly needs to burn!

Hospitals Making A Killing!

Patty Myers joins the Natural News podcast and host Mike Adams to unmask the truth behind deadly hospital protocols that are injuring and killing patients around the world.

Myers’ two-part documentary, Making A Killing, illustrates her personal experiences with her husband’s hospital woes, as well as those of others across the country. Adams adds that he has interviewed attorneys and medical guests, who testified that many hospitals in America have become murder factories, mainly because they received massive monetary incentives from the government.

Adams says this was especially prevalent during the Covid years, but the horrendous scenario continues to this day. Here’s more with Adams and Myers.

Gonzalo Lira On The Run!

Independent journalist Gonzalo Lira, fresh out of  prison and three months of torture by the secret police in Ukraine, continues his legal woes on Aug. 2,  when he is scheduled to face charges of being a Russian propagandist.

But inspite of the facade of a fair trial for charges that his videos were critical of Ukraine, which Lira claims is a pipe dream, he has opted to run! As of the filming of this video on Monday, July 31, Lira is 5 kilometers from the Hungary border, where he will seek asylum from Ukraine. “Because of corruption and extortion in prison, I will be found guilty, I will not get a suspended sentence, I will have to serve out my sentence and likely die in prison,” he says. Here’s his story.

Globalists Engineering The End

Mike Adams, host of Natural News, says the signs are undeniable that globalists are engineering the end of humanity.

In the following episode, Adams reveals 12 telltale signs of their sinister game plan, though, he admits, the number is bound to increase. “The reason this report is critical to understand and share is because in the post-Covid era we are finally seeing a lot of more mainstream recognition that depopulation is a real agenda,” he says. Here’s his report.

FBI Spied On U.S. Senator

ACLJ’s Jay Sekulow says reports are surfacing that the Deep State FBI illegally spied on a sitting U.S. senator. He says when this video aired, the identity of the senator, who was the subject of this illegal surveillance, had not been released.

“All we know so far is that they have been notified,” Sekulow says. “We don’t know if it’s a man, woman, Republican, or even Democrat. But it doesn’t matter. Wrong is wrong. This is completely unacceptable and illegal, regardless of which side of the aisle the senator resides.” Here are more details from ACLJ.

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