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Viva del Fuego

Sean Penn fist-pumps as he campaigns for Hugo Chavez, president of Venezuela, at a campaign rally in Valencia. Penn is a buddy of Chavez, who was rumored to be on his deathbed earlier this year, but seems to have fully recovered. Chavez is seeking a new six-term in an election scheduled October 7, and pundits predict this will be his toughest fight yet.  Penn did not address the rally, but hugged Chavez and also rode with him in a truck before cheering supporters.

Any chance that the next time Penn travels to Venezuela on Chavez’s behalf, he can borrow John Travolta’s Qantas 707, and take along a pack of Hollywood celebrities with him? Better yet, maybe they could all move permanently to South America. Wonder how long before they get bored with trying to influence socialist Banana Republic politics, or else someone gets too snarky, like the always-discreet Roseanne Barr, leading all of them to be banished by Chavez to, say, Tierra del Fuego? H/T NewsBusters

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