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The Churchill Thrillers

Winston Churchill is a dashing historical figure. “Churchill was more fun than anyone else in the 1930s,” says writer and TV news producer Patrick McMenamin. “He drank, he smoked cigars and he had better one-liners than anyone else.” McMenamin and his father, Michael, are the creators of a new series of novels, the Winston Churchill Thrillers, which have been described as “Winston Churchill meets Indiana Jones.”

The novels unfold from 1929-1939 — the era when Churchill was often a lone voice in the wilderness, defending democracy against the rising tides of Communism, fascism and Nazism. The McMenamins don’t present Churchill battling alone, however, but in concert with an American sidekick, a fictional son of Rep. Bourke Cochran, D-NY. Cochran was, in reality, a mentor to Churchill and held beliefs that would be considered strikingly libertarian today.

Says Patrick McMenamin, “This guy actually existed. It’s amazing to me that there actually was an American politician who was libertarian in almost every sense of the word. Unfortunately, he didn’t have any children, but we created one and gave him Indiana Jones-type of adventures.” H/T Reason.TV

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