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She’s Baaack!

WhatsHerFace returns after a four-month hiatus and she’s more than ready to put crappy 2021 on the backburner. “I’m back, and no, I’m not dead, unless you count on the inside,” she says.

WhatsHerFace admits part of the reason for her absence was Covid burnout. She’s ready to put the disaster that was 2021 behind her and start fresh. “Everything that has been said about this manufactured crisis has been said. And now, we’re just repeating the same shit over and over again,” she says. Here’s her first video of the new year, with an update on her new ventures.


Omicron Is Coming To Town

RenaudBe gets into the holiday spirit with a musical parody of “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town.” The following version, “Omicron Is Coming To Town,” features a British slant with a couple of well-placed zingers at Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Says Renaud Bedard, “Don’t let corrupt, sellout politicians ruin your holidays, or your life.” Here’s the song.

For The Great Good BS

How many times in this era of Covid-19, have you heard the phrase, “It’s all for the greater good?” Stay home, social distance, wear your mask–it’s all for the greater good!

What was once a positive, humanitarian mantra to help ease the burden on your fellow Americans, has shifted into a refrain of control and deception. Renaud Bedard goes a step further and says, “For the greater good translates to Communist!” Enjoy the following video meme from RenaudBe.

The Brandon Administration

Cheers to Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who just gave the Biden Administration the best nickname ever–the Brandon Administration! “It’s the best nickname ever,” says Gary Franchi, of the Next News Network.

Playing to the popular meme that has liberals in a tizzy, DeSantis drew thunderous applause from the audience at an election-integrity press conference in Palm Beach. The crowd immediately erupted in the chant, “Let’s Go Brandon.” Here’s more from Next News Network.

The Road Trip From Hell

Murphy’s Law states that anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. Glenn Beck experienced that the hard way when traveling through Yellowstone National Park with his family recently.

He describes the awful experience, which included a lack of gas stations, dangerous animal crossings, hours of travel at slow speeds and more. And be sure and heed Beck’s warning: Do not go see Old Faithful! Here’s his adventure.

On The COVID Soapbox

Whatsherface is back on her COVID-19 pandemic soapbox, this time taking aim at her home country of Canada and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for their Draconian restrictions and lockdowns.

“I think it’s time you peeked outside of your igloo and admit it: you’ve been bamboozled,” she says. She rips Trudeau apart, labeling him a Communist China sympathizer and shames him for the country’s latest stipulations for lifting the lockdown: 75 percent of Canadians will need to receive one dose of the vaccine and should get their second shot by midsummer.

And like sheep, the people follow. “What happened to the people of this country,” says Whatsherface. “We are truly the laughing stock of this world.” Here’s the rest of her rant.

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They’re Coming For Your Guns

Lower the American flag to half mast and raise the false flag high and with pride, because there’s been yet another mass shooting on U.S. soil. And that doesn’t sit well with Whatsherface, who asks, “Does anybody smell bullshit? Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me; fool me three times and it’s probably a white guy!”

As Rahm Emmanuel once told President Obama, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” After the media failed in spectacular fashion by identifying the perpetrator of the mass shooting in Boulder, Colo., as a white man, they decided to double down. When it was revealed the perpetrator was in fact a Syrian refugee with ISIS sympathies, the shameless media didn’t issue apologies for their condemnation of an entire race. They just claimed he was in fact white. Perhaps reality is something the media exists outside of.

That narrative of him being a white man didn’t last long, though, as it was just damage control for their incompetent “reporting,” and when one narrative is no longer relevant, they simply move to the next bullet on their narrative checklist–it’s the guns! And that’s when President Biden moved immediately to the gun-control mantra.

So what’s wrong with disarming the people for their own safety? Whatsherface says ask the 1 million Armenians after they were disarmed, but before they were genocided, or the 2 million Cambodians who were killed by Pol Pot, or the 24 million Russians killed by Stalin. Here’s more with Whatsherface.

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Acosta Accosted At CPAC

CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta gets a taste of his own medicine as he arrives in Florida for the CPAC convention. A reporter from The Federalist interrupts the maniacal Acosta as he’s being interview by another network, asking why CNN refuses to the cover the Gov. Cuomo scandals in New York.

Watch closely as the usually confident Acosta gets nervous and rattled. Later in the clip, a bevy of reporters corner Acosta and also get in on the action. Guess it’s true what they say–turnaround is fair play.  Here’s more from The News Junkie’s Archives.

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Welcome To The Upside Down

Whatsherface gives us an unusual take on the nonsense of the COVID-19 pandemic and its nonsensical Draconian restrictions. In a brilliant, thought-out soliloquy, she takes aim on the Deep State establishment, opening with: “Good evening, and welcome to the upside down. Where what you see, can never be, and what you know, just isn’t so. Where bad is good and wrong is right. Where truth went down without a fight.”

She ventures into the consequences of the virus, zeroing on the alleged cure–vaccinations–while leveling a double jab at the infamous Bill Gates. “’It’s super safe,’ the doctor said. Even if you end up dead, because the antidote can’t kill you since it’s the leading cause of coincidence. Now roll up your sleeve and let’s go, I’ll take you through the backwards show. Where doctors kill and science shills for our lord and saviour, a man named Bill.”

And Whatsherface’s closing is classic: “Thank you very much for visiting THE UPSIDE DOWN! Now please return to the circus with the rest of the clowns.” Tune in to digest her entire work of “Welcome to the Upside Down.”

Your Next Stop …

The ever irrational and master of the flip-flop, Dr. Anthony Fauci, has gone the way of Rod Serling and the “Twilight Zone.” In this hilarious parody of the iconic TV show of the 1950s-60s, watch Dr. Fauci jabber his way through the oft-controversial vaccine and mask debate. It never ends. Courtesy of John Talks.

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