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Commander in Sleaze

Is President Obama campaigning for re-election as Commander in Chief or Commander in Sleaze? Witness this new Obama spot aimed at “progressive” chicks whose thinking begins and ends with their lady parts.

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And where did Obama’s posse get this bright idea? From Alpha male Vladimir Putin, who ran similar cherry-popping ads in his re-election bid earlier this year.

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As they say, birds of a feather flock together, whether they be dodos or vultures. Maybe after Obama is fricasseed on Nov. 6, he can invite Vlad over to the new Obama pad in Hawaii, and they can party hearty, awaiting all those virgins in the stratosphere promised by Mohammed. H/T The Right Scoop

UPDATE: It turns out both Putin and Obama ripped off this high-concept from Women’s Voices. Women Vote, a group that cast itself as non-partisan, but whose board members were all Democratic operatives and whose funding came from the leftist Tides Foundation, underwritten by Teresa Heinz Kerry. Here is a telling WVWV spot from 2006.

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