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Democratic Zombie Land

Do as we say, not as we do. More from The United Spot.

Wrath Of Media Sunk Elder

When you dissect Larry Elder’s attempt to unseat Gov. Gavin Newson in the recent California special recall election, the reason he failed sticks out like a sore thumb. Not only was Elder up against the corrupt Democrat Party, but he also faced the wrath of the fake news media.

At center stage was the uber-liberal Los Angeles Times, who labeled Elder the “Black Face Of White Supremacy” in a headline right out of the campaign box. When Elder called The Times out in an editorial board interview, they were speechless, but that didn’t deter the fake news. Later in the campaign, Elder was attacked by a woman wearing a gorilla mask during a visit to Venice Beach. The Times published an article with the headline: “LAPD is investigating altercation involving Larry Elder at Venice homeless encampment.” It included a misleading photo, where Elder appeared to be slapping a woman. And on and on.

The usual political suspects stormed into California in support of Newsom, appearing in a flurry of campaign ads. Says Elder, “Notice they never uttered the following words: Gavin Newsom has done a good job for the people of California.” More with Elder for Epoch Times.

Sussman’s House Of Cards

In today’s episode, I connect the Sussman indictment to a past mysterious story and show through some old posts how FUTURE IS PROVING PAST! Here, RedPill78 dives into a Department of Defense IP mystery, shuffling through a house of cards.


It’s Monday Funday

More lucid than Sleepy Joe Biden has been in his entire life. More from The United Spot.

The Democratic Comedy Tour

Does Bill remind you of Harvey Weinstein? Close but no cigar! More from The United Spot.

The Voice Behind The Earpiece

As we return to the lighter side of life, the mystery man behind Joe Biden’s earpiece is revealed. The political parody examines who exactly is putting words in Uncle Joe’s mouth. Video, courtesy of The United Spot, who encourages all to laugh more and smile often.

How The Election Was Stolen

For this edition of One on One, Sebastian Gorka talks to author, podcaster, and radio host Wayne Allyn Root about Barack Obama’s mysterious college history, the truth about voter fraud in 2020, and more. Root has a new book he’s promoting called The Great Patriot Protest and Boycott Book.


Another Day Another Lie

Dr. Anthony Fauci is worried about his reputation as a liar. So he turns to the Democratic leadership for support and guidance. Everyone from Bill Clinton to Barack Obama agrees a little lying ain’t so bad, but Nancy Pelosi also warns, there could be consequences. More from The United Spot.

Rogue World Leaders Arrested?

Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau is taking a major hit in the polls, after calling for a snap election to win back voters. That on the heels of the Trudeau Administration’s Draconian handling of the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent Delta variant.

Martin Brodel has a different view, saying he thinks Trudeau has already been arrested, along with other rogue world leaders from the past. “If you think about it, logically, then you realize most of these people have to be gone, including in this country. Look at it this way. If Hillary and Biden and Obama, and the rest of them were still in power, would I be here? No, of course not.” He adds that all alternative media, all opposition to the Democrat Party’s ideology would be wiped out. “We’d all be in prison,” he says.

Tune in for more of Brodel’s coverage on the pandemic, China’s restriction of “sissy men” on TV and more.

In The End, The People Win

The [Deep State] is now being forced into the light. The plan has been accelerated and everyone can see it. The people are getting the truth out via social media. The fake news is being debunked in real time. The people must walk through the darkness. More is coming and those people who are not awake will be forced to see the truth. It had to be this way. In the end, the people will win.

The [Deep State] playbook is known and since they follow the same playbook, it is easy to counter their moves. We are in an information war and the [Deep State] is using all their ammunition. In the end, this will fail. More from the X22 Report.

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