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Tales of Mystery


Edgar Allan Poe endured many tragedies and hardships in life, but now he faces an even more humiliating affront — having to audition for his own TV show. It’s enough to drive any self-respecting author to drink.

Jose Alejandro Acosta created this animated short a decade ago, and just recently revived the project by launching work on a pilot Tales of Mystery episode. Visit his website at

Interesting aside: The portrait hanging by the door that Poe knocks off the wall is of John Allan, Poe’s foster father with whom he had a cold, often turbulent relationship.

Stay tuned through the week as we continue to salute Edgar Allan Poe. Hollywood, in its infinite banality, has given us a biopic of Jacqueline Susann, who Truman Capote described as “a truck driver in drag,” but never one of Edgar Allan Poe.

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