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Know Your Monster: 10


Gorosaurus is probably the most straightforward of the Japanese movie monsters. He doesn’t shoot out atomic spitballs or fly using jet propulsion. He doesn’t have any fallback gimmicks. He’s just a big, lumbering dinosaur, but one with a vicious bite and a nasty leg kick, belonging to the same ferocious theropod group that includes Tyrannosaurus rex.

He’s usually portrayed as smaller in stature than Godzilla, but not necessarily so. In Destroy All Monsters, where Gorosaurus attacks Paris, he is roughly comparable in size to Godzilla. Gorosaurus’s kangaroo kick is on ample display in that film, as he takes advantage of a dust cloud diversion created by Rodan to sneak up from behind and drop the all-powerful, three-headed King Ghidorah.

Gorosaurus doesn’t fare as well in his debut appearance in 1967’s King Kong Escapes. There, he’s the sacrificial lamb in his ultimate fight with the big ape. Gorosaurus gets his bottom jaw ripped apart, a reference to the original King Kong dismembering a T-Rex. Speaking of that ignominious defeat, here it is.

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