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Atomic City 2021

A walk through Hiroshima, Japan’s atomic city. More from Black Pigeon Speaks.

Disney Japan’s Gender Bender

Disney Japan is going the way of the world, dropping all gender distinctions and references. No longer will visitors be greeted as “ladies and gentlemen” or as “children” welcome to visit the magical kingdom. Now, the new address simply as “Hello, everyone.” How drab and boring can you get? More from Magog of Morskar.

Gold-Slathered Street Butoh

In Tokyo, butoh street performers stage intricate dance shows. The performers are semi-nude, but wear thongs.Their faces are slathered with gold or white paint. This is a Bitchute exclusive from Black Pigeon Speaks, a Canadian who lives much of the time in Japan.



From Harajuku To Shibuya

While Black Pigeon Speaks makes some of the best political diatribes anywhere in the world, we also admire his softer reflections while wandering the streets in lands far from his native Canada. Here, he takes a walking tour in Tokyo, one of the world’s most exotic cities, surveying the businesses, the people, the architecture, the traffic and other features of life from Haraujuku to Shibuya. Japanese youth culture and fashion are much on display in Harajuku, while Shibuya is home to Tokyo’s most bustling commercial and financial districts, with some of the world’s busiest train stations.


Inside Tokyo’s Red Light District

Let’s go on the ground inside Tokyo’s Red Light District. This is a walk-though inside the largest red light district anywhere in the world. More from Black Pigeon Speaks.

Trump March in Washington

An estimated 500,000 supporters of President Donald Trump marched peacefully in Washington DC Saturday. There were some verbal skirmishes with Antifa groups, but these did not break out into physical violence.

We are not presenting the American mainstream media’s accounts of the march because the mainstream media lies and pushes fake news. Anyone can see that. The New York Times, for instance, brazenly capped the turnout of pro-Trump protesters as being in the hundreds! Obviously, that’s not a genuine newspaper, but a bunch of agitprop leftists spinning fairy tales!

Here, is one Japanese correspondent who followed the march and donned a Trump hat.

Here is a short video clip from RT, the Russian news network. They let the pro-Trump supporters speak, as opposed to browbeating them like the Leftist asswipes in the US media. It will be many years before the American media regains any respect from conservatives or Christians after the biased coverage of this year’s election. Doesn’t matter whether you’re talking NBC or ABC, CNN or Fox, they all are worthless, lying polecats.

We close with a look at the lamebrained Antifa and Black Lives Matter goons who tried to attack Trump supporters. We saw a few examples where these fiends beat up and robbed old people or scared kids, but anytime the marchers caught up with them, the Leftists paid a heavy price. More from The Salty Cracker.

Tokyo’s Loo With A View

Why can’t we have cyberpunk public commodes? More from Black Pigeon Speaks.

Entering The Lost Decade

The COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns over the past few months have placed businesses across the planet under extreme financial pressure, forcing many of them to permanently close their doors. Others hang by a thread, remaining open with significantly less revenue. The crisis has forced companies to take unusual financial paths.

The scenario is eerily similar to the Japanese economy of the 1980s, which suffered a similar fate. Rising to the No. 2 financial power behind the United States, Japan’s economy exploded, its stock market rose more than 200 percent, then an economic crisis brought everything tumbling down. The crash left companies with no options to pay down debt, leading to what is now known as “The Zombie Economy.”

Fast forward to today and we see many similarities to Japan’s woes. Even though our economy appears to be rapidly recovering to an extent, there still are many companies that are solely surviving on debt–and debt that they probably won’t be able to repay. YouTuber and entrepreneur Jack Chapple says we are entering the lost decade. Here’s more of his analysis.

Nippon Pride

The Japanese prime minister says Covid-19 demonstrates “superior Japanese culture.” More from Black Pigeon Speaks in a video called Nippon Pride, White Guilt.


Alyssa Milano: Real Degenerate

Alyssa Milano presents herself as a feminist and one with some moral chops. But in point of fact, she is little more than a dumb-ass and a degenerate. George Soros bought and paid for this shill. In her youth, she was a member of the Soda Pop Club and girlfriend of Corey Haim. But now, she does the biding of those behind the abuse of Haim.

Here, cirstenw and Melody Krell take a look at Milano as well as the crib from which she rises — Hollywood’s Creative Artists Agency. Her husband, Dave Bugliari, is an agent for CAA. Here is a partial list of the Hollywood, musical and sports talent he represents: actors and actresses Christina Applegate, Bradley Cooper, George Clooney, Will Ferrell, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Jon Heder, George Lopez, Jeremy Piven, Brad Pitt, Dax Shepard, Will Smith, Oprah Winfrey and Renee Zellweger, hockey player Sidney Crosby, basketball star LeBron James, rapper Ludacris, quarterback Peyton Manning, film director Steven Spielberg, and Internet personality Gary Vaynerchuk.

You are about to be shocked and set free. You are about to realize how wrong you were when you got upset or freaked out when you were hearing people talk about satanic pedophilia, corrupt politicians, and President Trump draining the swamp. And how wrong you were when you bitched, cursed, or hated Trump without even taking the time to think about it a bit in case it was true. Anyways I hope the non-believer can live with themself after they realize that somebody else could be right beside them. God Bless! More from gjgodbout.

Confirmation is now coming in to verify Timothy Charles Holmseth’s charges that a pedophile ring in the Ukraine has been supplying babies to wealthy businessmen in China and Japan. Here, David Jose discusses the charges in a video feed on The High Command.

Here, we present a contrarian view — from Craig Sawyer, founder of Veterans for Child Rescue. He disputes stories of the “mole children” being rescued in underground tunnels, as cirstenw, Timothy Charles Holmseth and Gene Decode have all asserted. He accuses these individuals of engaging in “hope porn for profit,” saying they are spreading lies as click-bait to get views.

Sawyer was involved in the big dust-up with Lewis Arthur Meyers, who purported to discover a child sex camp outside Tucson, Ariz., near the Mexican border. Meyers was subsequently arrested on charges of fabricating that camp so he could bilk supporters for money.

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