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Know Your Monster: 12


Guiron is named after the Japanese word for “guillotine.” It’s a reference to his most lethal weapon — a giant blade attached to his forehead that’s nearly as long as his body. The blade is razor-sharp. In the 1969 movie Gamera Vs. Guiron, also known as Attack of the Monsters, he cuts right through the big turtle’s shell. He can also use the blade as a shield.

Guiron is an odd-looking creature, one of the goofiest of all the Kaiju. He vaguely resembles a shark grafted onto the body of a dinosaur. His eyes have been described as “sleepy,” but watch out, because he’s a deadly killer — especially at close range, when he can slice and dice, cut and slash with his blade. From longer distances, he’s limited to hurling shurikens, or Ninja throwing stars, that he keeps stored in little pouches tucked inside the blade.

Here is the original trailer for Gamera Vs. Guiron. Besides Guiron’s battle with Gamera, you’ll also see a quick flash of him fighting another monster, Gyaos, who will be our next profile subject tomorrow.

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