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Know Your Monster: 18


Just when the Godzilla franchise was running out of steam, Toho Studios devised an ingenious ruse to pump some fresh blood into the series. In 1974’s Godzilla Vs. Mechagodzilla, the Big G battles himself. Actually, this clone is a mechanical robot made up to masquerade as Godzilla by an alien race of apes (the Simians) intent upon conquering the world.

As the film opens, the residents of Japan are in shock as their protector, Godzilla, appears to have turned against them, once again demolishing the country. Little do they realize their nemesis isn’t Godzilla but his Outer Space doppelganger. They get a true sense of horror, though, when Anguirus arises to defend them, and gets his lower jaw broken. After the real Godzilla joins the fray, confusion mounts until it becomes clear he’s tangling with an impostor. As the Mechagodzilla’s flesh gets ripped and his true self emerges, he is exposed as a metallic killing machine.

He can fire missiles from every one of his appendages, even from his toes and knee caps. He shoots a high-powered laser from his eyes and can twist his head around 360 degrees to decimate enemies approaching him from behind. Also, if he spins his head fast enough, he generates a force field. Mechagodzilla uses rocket propulsion to fly. His fully armored body, made from an alloy called Space Titanium, deflects most attacks. While Mechagodzilla appears to be an invincible fortress, he has met his match in the resourceful Godzilla.

Here’s a funny review of the picture from Cinemassacre. There’s some salty language, so skip it if you’re easily offended by cuss words.

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