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Know Your Monster: 20


Minilla, also known as Minya or Minira, is presumably the offspring of Godzilla, based upon his introduction as such in the 1967 film Son of Godzilla. The funny thing about that movie: We never see Mrs. Godzilla. Minilla hatches from an egg, so we don’t learn anything about Godzilla’s mating rituals or whether Mrs. G also lives on Solgell Island, where Minilla is born.

It’s a dangerous place, crawling with gigantic mutant spiders and praying mantises. The pint-sized Minilla is easy prey, so Godzilla quickly must teach him some basic defense and how to shoot his radioactive ray. Minilla and Godzilla can communicate telepathically from great distances, even across oceans. When Minilla sends out his danger signal, Godzilla will rush to the rescue. Although, in a few instances, Minilla will return the favor and save Godzilla’s hide in tough fights, earning the respect of his proud and beaming father.

Minilla is closer and more sympathetic to humans than Godzilla. And the baby Godzilla also exhibits boyish traits. He’s always playful, for instance, kicking boulders instead of stones, or hitching a ride on his father’s tail. Watch as Godzilla trains Minilla to transform his puffs of smoke into the radioactive ray. It’s the equivalent of a father who tosses a child into the deep end of the pool during the kid’s first swimming lesson.

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