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Portland’s Deep Pedo Ring

A whistleblower appearing on Lift the Veil discusses in great detail how Portland’s pedo rings work. He says the hubs for the trafficking of children are the networks of underground tunnels lying beneath the city. At the center of the ring are the individuals running Voodoo Doughnuts. They also have outlets in Denver, Austin, Hollywood and other cities — all with underground tunnels similar to those in Portland. Here, the whistleblower names names and discusses what he has personally witnessed, in an explosive expose that confirms what many of us have been saying for the past two years.

You have to wonder why law enforcement has not busted up these pedo rings? It’s quite obvious there is a degree of complicity. As such the federal government needs to take a direct role and bypass the corrupt local police departments. Attorney General Jeff Sessions: A break-up of these pedo rings is long overdue. We have patiently waited and now you need to act. The corruption must cease and our children be saved from these monsters.


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