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The Wizards Have It All

The patriots are now moving forward with the plan. The storm is about to start and the wizards (guardians of intelligence) have it all. The people are building the grassroots movement and it cannot be stopped. Dan Scavino sends a message that the next to fall is the Queen. The [Deep State] is in trouble. They tried another [False Flag] to push gun control. This is not going to work. The people see the truth. Nothing can stop this, nothing. More from the X22 Report.

Attack Of The Libtards

The Earth…gone to the birds. Attack of the libtards. Bots destroyed. Elon Musk’s shady past. Pray! More from And We Know.

Trump Ohio Rally decode, part 2! Blue tie code!? Trump is the President! Massive voter fraud verification! De-programming libtards! Snark alert! 3D chess! All from McAllister TV.

Candace Owens As Nostradamus

After Candace correctly called the corrupt nature of Black Lives Matter, she offers five new predictions for the future.

To Catch A Groomer Teacher

why don’t you take a seat over there…More from FreedomToons.

sex ed by disney

grooming problem? WHAT grooming problem??? More from FreedomToons.

Soon: The Knockout Punch

The [Deep State] is panicking. They are using everything they have to fight against the patriots, but this is failing. Since the US government was overthrown, everything the puppet government does will be reversed. Trump and the patriots needed to show the people the truth and sometimes the truth hurts and is painful. Scavino sends message that the 15th round is coming. The punch will be a knockout. Information is key and all patriots need to continue to fight. More from the X22 Report.

Disney Grooming Your Children

Is Disney grooming your children? In this special report we look into the “Secret Gay Agenda” of Disney employees to indoctrinate your children. Also Governor Ron DeSantis is fighting back! More from AwakenwithJP and We Lie To You News.

Panic Overtakes [Deep State]

Panic in DC. The [Deep State] players are using covid comms to communicate. They don’t know what is next. Trump never telegraphs his moves. The [Deep State] is now exposed and everything they tried to do to Trump is now happening to Biden. Moves and Countermoves. More from the X22 Report.



The Happiest Place On Earth

The Democrats gather around the midway at Disneyland — the happiest place on Earth, especially for a party full of pedophiles! Barack Obama leads the pack of degenerates, while Bill Clinton is bringing up the rear, still looking for the Lolita Express. More from The United Spot.

No Escape, No Deals

March was a crazy month. So much was produced and the American people needed to digest it. This is just the start. April showers. The MOAB is coming and events are about to unfold. The [Deep State] has lost the narrative. They cannot control what is coming, no matter how they spin it. All they will be left with is to shut everything down. But the patriots are prepared for this. No escape, no deals. Each step of the way they will feel pain. More from the X22 report.

April showers! Indictments and arrests! Game over! Thanks for playing! Nothing can stop what is coming! More from the Christian Patriot News.

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