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Rolling Stone Sees the Light?

Rolling Stone has always been full of lies and disinformation. That’s why Jason Sather of Destroying the Illusion was very surprised to see the magazine carried an article on the granddaddy of all conspiracy theorists, Milton William Cooper, and the piece was actually fairly straight and informative. What gives? Do the powers that be know the jig is up? Will their longstanding lies become such a laughingstock that they now are going to play things more honestly? Probably not — given the track record. But still, interesting times.

In other news, Sather touches upon Friday’s arrest of Dr. Thomas Friedan, former head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, on three sexual abuse charges stemming from an incident at his home. A woman has said the former Obama administration official grabbed her without consent as she was leaving a party at his home in Brooklyn Heights, NY. Friedan resigned from the CDC on the day President Donald Trump took office.

Also, the NASA chief wants to send humans to the Moon — to stay!

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