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Too Much Dope in Taos

This is wholly conjecture, but you have to wonder: Exactly how much dope are they smoking in Taos, N.M.? First, the district judge in a child murder case, Sarah Backus, releases the charged suspects without them having to pay any bond. Then local law enforcement uses bulldozers to fill in the underground compound where these fugitives were residing. Needless to say, the “renovations” happened so fast that all the evidence was buried as well.

Now, we learn that the Taos district attorney’s office missed a 10-day deadline for bringing the cases to court, leading a second district judge, Emilio Chavez, to dismiss those charges. In other words, if they aren’t totally ripped on weed, these officials in Taos are some of the dumbest and most incompetent nincompoops on the Planet Earth.

Sane individuals would be wise to bypass that stinkhole of a town. Do not visit to buy their tourist trinkets. Do not patronize their bars or restaurants. The people in Taos need to go back to doing some honest work, and their entire judiciary and legal establishment should all be canned immediately.

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Styx takes a look at the case in Taos and says, “I smell a rat and speculate the prosecution is deliberately throwing the case so as not to actually imprison the perps.” The case has been weird from the start, but with each new miscue from the Taos judicial establishment, it’s looking more and more like a rig job. Liberal cretins on the loose!

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